Recent years have seen a remarkable increase in the demand for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) . This market will have an astonishing value of $13.52 billion in 2027 – for reference, just compare this with 2019, when the market was only worth $5.21 billion. 

Something must be spurring this increased uptake of the technology. Contrary to the widespread misconception that AGVs / AMRs are pricey and invasive, this technology is flexible and reliable in its integration in various layouts, and these are not the only benefits that facilities can accrue from these systems. 

Here are a few advantages of automated guided vehicles in a little more detail.


The fact that these vehicles work autonomously means that apart from increasing productivity and efficiency, they are very reliable for repetitive tasks. With these systems in your facility, team members no longer have to leave their workstations for transport tasks. The physical labor of carrying items from one place to another is eliminated. Therefore, AGVs / AMRs make transport tasks less physically demanding for workers. 

With AGVs / AMRs from AMR ABB Robotics, order prioritization and processing are more reliable. Customers who have deployed our systems have reported fewer misplaced items and reduced product loss. Thus, the order accuracy that comes with this technology is very efficient.


We often receive safety concerns from prospective customers. Questions revolve around the following topics:

  • AGV / AMR safety standards
  • Guarantee of safety when using the product
  • Measures against risks of the AGVs/AMRs tipping over
  • Safety of cantilever loads

The best automated guided vehicles come with advanced safety systems. Safety is essential for these machines especially because even though they interact with personnel who have received training regarding the AGVs/AMRs’ operations most of the time, people new to this technology may also find themselves in its vicinity.  

It is therefore important to select a provider with an excellent safety record. With many years in this business, AMR ABB Robotics can boast of flawless safety features. 

Get in touch with us to discuss the safety measures in our collaborative robots, driven by the “People First” mantra.  The safety components in our AGVs / AMRs include emergency stop buttons, safety laser scanners, safety PLCs, fork tip sensors, and warning systems. 

Improved Flexibility 

Have you ever dreamed of the most flexible assembly line for your plant?  If so, you can realize it with automated guided vehicles. You no longer need to invest in expensive cranes or conveyors to achieve this capability. Your AGVs / AMRs become the new assembly line, replacing traditional concepts that require costly installations. 

AMR ABB Robotics add flexibility to your material handling processes. Do you need to continue your processes as you repair or maintain a vehicle? Simply replace it by bringing in another AGV / AMRs and take the other one for repair or maintenance. 

Having flexible AGV / AMRs technology in your facility offers an opportunity to scale your manufacturing processes. If you wish to have a larger line dimension, you can easily add workstations and AGVs / AMRs. 

Imagine you have a new product and you need an assembly line for it within a few months. For required special operations, just add a new workstation. If the new product line comes to an end, it is easy to revert to the original setup.

Optimal Use of Space

Compared to traditional conveyor systems, AGVs / AMRs offer better space utilization, and AMR ABB Robotics solutions use the latest navigation systems to help you achieve this goal in your plants. Our navigation technologies are:

  • Magnetic navigation
  • Laser navigation
  • QR navigation
  • Natural navigation
  • Dual navigation

These technologies optimize facility functions in a wide array of applications to benefit businesses where spaces are limited. 

Thanks to this, AGVs / AMRs can be helpful during the coronavirus eraAGVs / AMRs can operate independently in packed spaces without posing an increased risk for transmitting disease. Therefore, in a time when social distancing has become necessary, AGVs / AMRs can still be used in those spaces. This way, the robots may make use of areas that would pose a health risk to human workers.  

Reduced Overall Operating Cost

The integration of AGVs / AMRs is also beneficial if you consider the cost savings impact. The bulk of cost reduction arises from the automation of repetitive tasks. By carrying pallets of goods across the warehouse and into waiting trailers, these robots increase operational efficiency. 

Labor savings aside, AGVs / AMRs also bring savings related to flexibility, safety and accuracy. For instance, on facility safety, the vehicles operate very predictably, and their speeds and stoppages are controllable. 

These savings are great, but it is important for individual customers to analyze the return on investment.  Most customers have a ROI within three years of operating the robot

How AMR ABB Robotics Supports your Needs

What are the design specifications of your AGV / AMRs system? Whatever your AGV / AMRs needs, AMR ABB Robotics has an answer from an extensive portfolio of items and services. Our AGVs / AMRs are specially made to automate repetitive processes and tasks in material handling, production flows, goods-to-person and other applications. 

Many distribution facilities and warehouses have adopted this AMR ABB Robotics solution and managed to surmount various intralogistics challenges. 

Do you think it could be time to incorporate our AGVs / AMRs into your operations? Consult us for a thorough review of your needs and possible implementation of these solutions.