The company bigD has received a German iF Design Award for 2021 in the ‘User Interface’ category because of the interface for touchscreens they developed for the new generation of mobile robots produced by AMR ABB Robotics. More specifically, the award-winning project revolves around the creation of an HMI interface for these screens, aiming to bring about an optimal visual experience (UI) and user experience (UX) for AGVs. 

To this end, the industrial design company especially emphasizes dialog, aiming to “detect possible user misunderstandings,” as the CEO of bigD, Adrián Larripa, put it. Likewise, they highlight a proper hierarchy of information to prioritize key aspects and organize accessory elements through drop-down menus.

Larripa noted how “proud” the company was to receive this award and the importance of using design to overcome barriers to the adoption of technology which could condition the growth of Industry 4.0. The results obtained brought the company one of the iF Design Awards for 2021, with the company also having been a recipient of this award in 2018

“We are quite proud of the fact that the quality of a design studio from Pamplona (Spain) working on this emerging discipline is being recognized. Applications for these awards have increased by almost 50% in recent years, and this just goes to show that companies are increasingly valuing design more and they want to make this fact visible by using these types of contests as quality seals,” notes the CEO of bigD.