1. AMR F203 – Competitive, Easy and Flexible for your intralogistics automation needs
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AMR ABB Robotics recently launched the AMR F203, an AGV solution that is part of its Flexley Stack AGV portfolio. This AGV with natural SLAM navigation technology can autonomously handle trolleys and roll containers up to 250kg payload by lifting them directly from the floor, without the need for transfer stations or conveyor systems. Common intra-plant logistics applications for this innovative solution are the buffer station to line supply, inter process connection, line supply to buffer and handling the trolley loads to and from the supermarkets with or without rail-guided systems on the floor. Typical load dimensions are 600x400mm or 800x600mm with a height clearance of 85 mm between the ground and trolley.

AMR F203 – Competitive, Easy and Flexible for your intralogistics automation needs


The key value proposition of the AMR F203 solution is its high quality and reliable intralogistics automation provided by its flexibility, dynamic planning, fast installation and safe interaction with workers. This mobile robot navigates with the latest SLAM navigation, which allows quick and easy commissioning. Thanks to its compact design and turn on spot functionality, AMR F203 moves easily around your installation requiring minimal space.

  • Wide range of applications: The solution is capable to transport different types of material in the form of bulk goods or small parts for work-in-progress or finished products in a FIFO or FILO sequence. Thus, this mobile robot can perform a wide range of applications such us: end of line handing, finished goods to warehouse entry buffer station, buffer storage, supermarket (with KLT/containers), inter-process connection, line supply and kitting, auxiliary supplies and assisted picking goods-to-person application.
  • Wide range of load carriers: The mobile robot can handle many types of load carriers: trolleys, dollies, multi-level trolleys, high deposit trolleys, small containers, wheeled cages and shelves with wheels or legs, thus offering a high level of flexibility to carry out the intralogistics operations within a plant. The AMR F203 is fully compatible to work with standard dollies and trolleys in the market and its lifting fork can be also customized to suit other load dimensions.


  • Fast and compact: The AMR F203 is able to reach up to 1,2m/s with full payload and can perform a turn-on-spot movement at any angle by rotating on its axis. In this way, it can change direction in motion thus saving turning space as well as time.
  • No additional transfer stations needed: Existing production processes do not need to be modified with additional transfer stations, picking stations or conveyor systems, thanks to its innovative design which allows direct transfer from the floor. The mobile robot can pick the trolley from the open buffer space or the supermarket stations with or without rail systems.
  • Easy and flexible: By using natural SLAM navigation technology, this autonomously navigating mobile robot from AMR ABB Robotics can be quickly and easily deployed into any production environment with a quick scanning process that enables it to "learn" the environment. This also means maximum flexibility with low cost for production and logistics layout changes and minimal operational maintenance.


The perfect intralogistic solution for a wide range of applications

At AMR ABB Robotics, we can offer our clients two different project approaches to integrate AMR F203 which we call “Green field” and “Brown field”-project. While in the “Green field”-project approach, the application is entirely new and there is flexibility to choose the infrastructure and work out the best solution together with the costumer, in the “Brown project” approach the project is carried out as automation, reconfiguration or extension to an environment where the infrastructure and intralogistics process already exist.

The most common application for AMR F203 is working with different rail systems such as “mono-rail-systems” or “infeed cap guidance” in supermarket or buffer stations. AMR F203 is also able to pick up and set down loads on stations which have no lifted ramps or rails. For both types of applications, the robot can operate in FIFO and FILO sequence.

The complete intralogistics solution for your needs

At AMR ABB Robotics, we offer a complete and competitive solutions to automate the intralogistics flows of a plant or distribution center. Our solution offering comprises the software and integration solutions, including the fleet management, connectivity tools, remote monitoring, order management application, interface to warehouse management systems (WMS, ERP,…) and the interface to other elements within the plant (e.g. interface with automatic doors, lifts, alarms, etc.)

We can provide customized lifting fork solutions to suit the size and shape of the load carriers and single or double rail systems on the floor for supermarket and buffer stations, as well as standard trolleys and dollies required for the project implementation.

For more details on AMR F203 for trolleys and roller containers, please see our datasheet. You are also welcome to contact our AGV solution experts through this page.