The Food & Beverage sector is experiencing a change in consumption and an increase in competitiveness. At present, customers have increasingly challenging demands, while companies dedicated to this sector have to manage a large number of references and achieve shorter time to market, ensuring the quality of their processes and the final product.

Automating your internal logistics is essential to meet this challenging situation. In AMR ABB Robotics we have many years of experience in the sector, thanks to which we can provide you automated solutions based on AGVs that provide you the necessary flexibility and safety to improve your time to market and reduce costs.

We have the widest range of solutions in the market with which to automate all types of applications in the food sector, from reception and shipping of goods, to line feeding and finished product picking. Our AGVs, equipped with the latest technologies and safety elements, guarantee an agile and efficient transport of your goods.


In addition, in AMR ABB Robotics we stand out for our IT solutions that fit each industrial environment to provide a 4.0 connectivity. The vehicles are connected with the rest of the plant systems, manufacturing lines, devices, machinery and management systems to enable order generation and management, as well as the traceability of all the processes.

Our connectivity systems allow you to make decisions easier and optimize operations and processes through real time communication and system monitoring, management and control from anywhere in the world.

The integration of mobile robots in your processes increases your competitiveness and improves the efficiency of your processes, while offering you a safe, flexible and scalable solution to meet your internal logistics needs.

Do you want to know first-hand the revolution for the Food & Beverage sector?

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