Ecommerce has been positioned as the preferred sales channel for more and more consumers, offering a wide variety of products just a click away. It has already become the way of consumption that reaches the highest volumes of turnover and is expected to double in the next 3 years.

Beyond the quality of the product, users are increasingly demanding about the shopping experience, customization and delivery times. They are looking for immediacy at a click: they want to receive their order as soon as possible, in perfect conditions and without having to wait.

Facing this situation, the value of internal logistics in the Ecommerce sector to achieve the objectives is clear. The automation of these processes provides the necessary competitive advantage to increase your profitability, productivity and give a better service to your customers.

At AMR ABB Robotics we offer you automation solutions for your intralogistics processes that allow you to increase the productivity and efficiency of your operations while offering a flexible response to the periodic needs of online sales (Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Valentine´s Day…).

Our innovative mobile robots, equipped with cutting-edge technologies, give you the agility the industry needs, while connecting your processes to bring your plant closer to Industry 4.0 models.

ABB Image13-1Compared to traditional methods of order preparation, the integration of mobile robots in applications based on the goods to person (G2P) method allows to make the most of space and to avoid unnecessary operator movements.

The AGVs are automatically able to transport the racks with different SKUs to the picking stations, where the operators make the selection of the products that will be part of the orders. Similarly, order put away flows, in which the racks are loaded with more products, or cycle counting, which enables the inventory processes can be automated.

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