Since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the Pharmaceutical industry has been in the spotlight. Finding ways to effectively fight the virus while keeping mounting expenses under control have been among the highest priorities in this sector. During the COVID-19 crisis, the Pharmaceutical industry has been depending upon clinical testing so that vaccine development could progress faster or speed up data entry and analysis.

Even during the economic crisis, the Pharma industry was among the 47% of rising businesses instead of the companies going through severe loss. It now becomes necessary for pharmaceutical players to evolve their production processes to ultimately reduce costs and increase production rates.

Advantages of robotics in the Pharmaceutical industry:

A wide range of routine tasks in the work profile of the Pharmaceutical industry can benefit from the use of mobile robots. Such benefits include:

Reduced time to market:

Mobile robots are capable of accurate and rapid completion of repetitive tasks. Due to this speed, the collection of data generated in processes can be accelerated, and clinical studies may proceed more rapidly. Robots in the Pharma industry thus allow the implementation of faster techniques in the development of revolutionary medicines in less time and with improved quality.

Maintaining regulatory compliance requirements:

Automation can improve compliance with increasingly complex regulations by reducing the possibility of human error. At AMR ABB Robotics, it is our priority to support and enhance the capabilities of human workers, while also ensuring complete safety in all human-robot interactions.

Maximum ROI:

Pharmaceutical companies save money and time by automating routine tasks, resulting in better returns on investment. Our AMRs allow you to transport and trace your goods with greater accuracy and reliability in order to achieve risk-free operations, thus giving your business a significant competitive edge on the market.

Next-level productivity:

The use of robotics to automate processes has already been established as a highly successful method to enhance production rates and reduce production costs in industries such as Ecommerce and Automotive. Studies show that the implementation of such next-level methods can be greatly beneficial, and may be so for the Pharmaceutical industry as well.

Customizable automation

Mobile robotics applications have changed the automation landscape in industry, especially in collaborative environments. Our automation solutions adapt to the needs of each business and are fully customizable to the specific needs of each customer and/or application.

Flexible and Scalable

Compared to rigid automatic systems, mobile robotics offer a flexible and scalable automated solution. Many Pharma companies start by automating simple logistics processes and increase their robot fleet when they see positive results or need more AMRs to meet the market demand.

Furthermore, the integration of mobile robotic systems not only allows businesses to increase their productivity, but also increases the quality and control of processes, and saves time and costs.

Multiple applications

Whether you need to automate reception logistics, line feeding, end of line operations or shipment transportations, mobile robotics can provide very effective solutions. Forklift AMRs are able to carry out the transport of palletized loads to the floor, on conveyors or in warehouses, whilst AMRs for small loads such our Boxmover line can transfer goods at different heights or directly from the floor. All our AMRs are capable of covering long distances, thus saving operators tedious journeys which could be avoided.

Improving traceability and precision

Thanks to the latest technology, processes that rely on mobile robotics are fully connected and can assure total product traceability to guarantee the excellence of your processes as well as compliance with the strictest quality standards. Automation opens the door to Industry 4.0, since AMR ABB Robotics robots are not only the company's transportation system but also a tool for maintenance and performance analysis.

Automation in the Pharmaceutical industry

Automation with mobile robotics can significantly enhance the production rate of any business regardless of its type and size. It has already supported many market players in evolving their businesses to increase product output while simultaneously reducing costs.


To give an example, AMR ABB Robotics worked with GSK in managing their entry and exit flows in their automated warehouse.AMR ABB Robotics solution was designed around the integration of forklift AMRs with laser guidance for the transportation of raw materials to production lines as well as the delivery of finished products to the warehouse. Moreover, in this project, AMR ABB Robotic incorporated a software solution that allowed visual control of the company’s operations, providing system performance traceability. If you would like to know all the details, our full Case Study for the Pharma and Care Products Industry can be downloaded here.

If you are willing to take your Pharma project to the next level and join the Industry 4.0, integrating AMRs into your processes can give your business a great boost. AMR ABB Robotics is an experienced and reliable partner for implementing the right technology to ensure excellence in all your processes.

Learn more about how robotics can improve quality and excellence for the Pharma and Care Products Industry.