ASTI TechGroup inaugurated the second floor of its facilities, located in Madrigalejo del Monte (Burgos), adapted to the new needs of the company. In a space of open innovation and coworking several departments of the Group moved to this new area: Strategic Business Development, EasyBot and Robofast Platforms, Central Services, ASTI Foundation and Organizational Development.

In addition to the open space with different work posts, the second floor has 12 new meeting rooms with the latest technologies, all of which have the name of internationally recognised disruptors -such as Marie Curie, Henry Ford or Reid Hoffman- and a quote with which ASTI identifies itself.

The project, co-financed with the help of the ICE and the FEDER Funds, was aimed at extending and improvement of ASTI’s facilities in order to adapt them to the growth process it is undergoing. Specifically, the second floor of the building was conditioned as offices to expand the engineering area and thus be able to respond to the needs of its customers, as well as the creation of a space for open innovation and coworking.