The comfort of being able to do the shopping from anywhere, at any time, with a huge variety of products and such reduced delivery times make Ecommerce the ideal solution for many users who choose the Internet as a means to purchase their products.

At the same time, the Ecommerce company has to be able to respond to market demands so that consumers are satisfied with their customer experience and gain the agility, efficiency and reduced delivery times they need to remain and not disappear within the lists of the best rated on the web.

At AMR ABB Robotics we know the challenges that the industry is facing and that is why we offer you our automation solutions with state-of-the-art mobile robots that allow to give a flexible and connected answer to the Ecommerce needs.


The scalable and modular technology of our robots allows them to be easily installed and uninstalled to adapt to peaks in demand and provide an optimal response to customers. In addition, thanks to their compact design and excellent manoeuvrability, they save space and time. QR code navigation combined with the intelligence of our software provide the ability to manage movements with multiple origins and destinations.

Equipped with 360º protection, our AGVs help to create safe working environments where the robots make the tasks easier for the operators and offer them an open and comfortable space. With AMR ABB Robotics robots there are no barriers!

Increase the efficiency of your activity with Goods to Person (G2P) applications, enabling access to multiple SKUs, while eliminating operator movement and multiplying your productivity.


AMR ABB Robotics connectivity services achieve a complete traceability of the goods, allowing less errors to occur and knowing at any time the location of each product. Our intelligent systems are also able to collect data, bringing the company closer to Industry 4.0 models, where connectivity is key to enable decision making.

If you want to know more about Goods to Person (G2P) applications and solutions that will evolve the internal logistics of your Ecommerce, visit our page of Ecommerce.