30 April 2021

Industry 4.0

The user interface awards: HMI interface developed by bigD

The company bigD has received a German iF Design Award for 2021 in the ‘User Interface’ category because of the interface for touchscreens they developed for the new generation of ..
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27 March 2021

AGVs, Intralogistics

Towing AMRs: The ideal solution for the transport of loads on trolleys

Towing AMRs are used for pulling trolleys one by one or in logistic trains. At AMR ABB Robotics, we have a wide range of mobile robots that includes Flexley Tug models. With differ..
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28 August 2020

Industry 4.0, AGVs

Mobile robots: the flexible solution for Ecommerce

The comfort of being able to do the shopping from anywhere, at any time, with a huge variety of products and such reduced delivery times make Ecommerce the ideal solution for many ..
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29 June 2020

Industry 4.0, AGVs

Don’t fall behind: join the new Food & Beverage Industry

The Food & Beverage sector is experiencing a change in consumption and an increase in competitiveness. At present, customers have increasingly challenging demands, while compan..
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16 June 2020

AGVs, Tech

Goods to Person Automation: Applications for Ecommerce transformation

Ecommerce has been positioned as the preferred sales channel for more and more consumers, offering a wide variety of products just a click away. It has already become the way of co..
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3 March 2020

Industry 4.0, AGVs

Corporate Benefits Opel by AMR ABB Robotics

Industrial automation systems in the Industry 4.0 era are more sophisticated than ever before. This makes it possible not only for robots to go beyond the systematic repetition of ..
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3 July 2019


Company Strategic R&D Plans

Project (s) financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union and the Council of Castilla y León, through the Institute for Business Competitiveness o..
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