The term “product traceability” has become common in many industries nowadays. It is not a new concept, but it is more important than ever because of consumer focus on business ethos and increased scrutiny on quality requirements.

In the pharmaceutical & care industry, traceability at every stage of the production chain is key.

At AMR ABB Robotics , we want to help you achieve greater traceability for your business needs.

What is Traceability?


The traceability of a product is the capability to track all aspects of the manufacture and distribution of the product right from the supplier to the end user. ISO 8402 defines traceability as “the ability to trace the history, application or location of an entity through recorded identifications.”

Companies that implement product traceability can produce historical aspects of their products, including:

  • Duration in every workstation
  • Source of components
  •  Inspection notes

But how can product traceability apply in your pharmaceutical & care business?

The Need for Product Traceability in Your Business

Millions of dollars – that’s the amount of money that a product recall would cost a company. Is there a way that you can prevent such loss in your business? Product traceability can offer an effective solution.

The pharmaceutical & care industry is under intense scrutiny. Consumers want to know not only what the raw materials used in the products are but also where manufacturers source them.

Product recalls due to contaminants from machinery or foreign materials are a major risk factor for pharma players. This is a big reason why manufacturers need to be able to trace additives.

Take the First Steps

Product traceability in the pharmaceutical & care industry is challenging. For instance, tough DSCSA standards in the United States are putting extreme pressure on pharmaceutical firms. Some firms are even considering closing their businesses in the country. Compliance is rarely cheap; but with the right steps, your business can successfully implement traceability.

So, how can you introduce product traceability in your logistics and still maintain efficiency in your warehouse? We suggest you automate your processes if you haven’t already.

Start with picking and storage processes to eliminate human error in repetitive tasks. This will translate into the delivery of products to your customers in an agile and adequate manner, and allow workers to move on to more complex and value-adding tasks.

Indeed, businesses in this industry have discovered the importance of applying warehouse management systems, even if in stages. These systems help in optimizing supply chain operations.

The Role of AMRs in Product Traceability

For some, the term autonomous mobile robot may evoke the image of an expensive machine that follows a magnetic tape on the floor as it performs customized tasks. However, today’s AMRs can take many other forms and are extremely flexible in terms of:

  • The tasks they can undertake
  • The ease of integration into company processes, and
  • The installation and operation cost


For these reasons, many organizations in the pharmaceutical & care industries have adopted this technology to improve their resiliency. In the present erratic marketplace, this can make for a decisive advantage over competitors.

An efficient and resilient production system for the pharmaceutical & care industry is worthwhile because it ensures the timely movement of goods. Products in this industry need a safe manufacturing environment but that is not all; traceability is recommended too.

By automating tiring, repetitive tasks, autonomous mobile robots play an irreplaceable role in the pharmaceutical & care industry. They promote a flawless customer experience. These devices not only speed up the delivery of services and products but also address common challenges related to conventional delivery approaches such as:

  • Product loss
  • Worker safety
  • Delivery cost

In summary, robots enhance the visibility of industrial operations, especially through tracking and assessment of progress in real-time. They are an ideal tool for keeping tabs on operations in the supply chain.

The AMRs developed by AMR ABB Robotics are applicable in the pharmaceutical & care industry because they are advanced and capable of supporting product traceability requirements. Many warehouses in the pharmaceutical & care industry need to accelerate their production processes. Our AMRs can perfectly fulfil this need.

Product traceability is meant to help you streamline processes and stay compliant. It will help your business communicate complete transparency to customers and stakeholders.

By applying automation solutions from AMR ABB Robotics, your supply chain can be more effective in adhering to product traceability requirements.

Is your pharma & care business in need of full product traceability? Would you like to discuss how automation can play a part in this strategy? Reach out and speak to us about solutions that will take your business to the next level.