The Secretary of State for Digitization and Digital Transformation, Carme Artigas, visited the ASTI Mobile Robotics facilities in Madrigalejo del Monte (Burgos) on September 20. Artigas was received by the General Manager of ASTI Mobile Robotics and Manager of ABB´S Global AMR Solution Center, Verónica Pascual; the CIO of ASTI, Luis Ignacio Vicente; the Manager of Organizational Development, Rubén Martínez; and the Director of the ASTI Foundation, Roberto Ranz. 

Artigas got to know the past, present, and future of ASTI, as well as the projects related to the Digital Transformation and the actions of the ASTI Foundation, doing so alongside Manager Roberto Ranz.  Artigas herself was able to participate as a speaker in one of the programs of the ASTI Foundation: STEM Talent Girl.