The Pharmaceutical Industry is experiencing great advances, which means that it can offer a greater diversity of drugs to the consumer, while also having to provide greater control and safety in its products. At the same time, we find that the world of Personal and Home Care Products, with its close links to beauty, make-up, perfumery, and hygiene products, is offering consumers a wide range of brands to adapt to the growing market demands.

The challenge for these two industries in these changing times is for them to be able to increase their productivity while, at the same time, maintaining quality and guaranteeing the traceability of a large number of references. We must bear in mind that, in this new consumer context, internal logistics has become a fundamental part of efficient batch management and product and process control.

The implementation and integration of connected systems that automate intralogistics will provide you with total traceability and improved production control, along with higher productivity and a greater proficiency in avoiding stock breakages.

Here at AMR ABB Robotics, we want to offer you our value proposition: flexible and scalable automated solutions by means of the integration of mobile robots, thus enabling you to increase the efficiency, quality, and control of your processes while saving time and costs.

Our AGVs can be integrated into your distribution, production, and warehousing processes to help you get the boost your business needs in order to grow. Thanks to our wide range of robots, we can offer you solutions for both small loads and pallets, ensuring total control over your goods.

Connectivity is the key. Automation through AGV systems offers a modular, scalable, and flexible solution that safely interfaces with the rest of the elements in your plant as well as the human operators. At AMR ABB Robotics, we are experts in industrial connectivity, which means we can design solutions that are tailored to your industrial environment and bring your plant closer to Industry 4.0 models.

If you want to know more about how you can increase efficiency and traceability in your processes, visit our Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry page and discover the advantages, applications and solutions that we have thought for you.