Flexley Stack


Reliable and efficient

High-quality forklift AMRs to improve your productivity and competitiveness. Characterized by its versatility and scalability, our Flexley Stack range provides a powerful performance in palletized loads handling. A robust, compact solution for a smooth and streamlined transportation, and unlimited combinations of loads and applications.

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Exceptional adaptability: able to perform all kinds of operations to increase your efficiency

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Advanced functionalities: innovative solutions such as barcode reader, weighing device, and smart forks

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Safe and precise: equipped with sensors and scanners for total protection and accuracy


Smart connectivity: Real-time information to facilitate data analysis and decision-making

Why Flexley Stack

Increase your storage efficiency and reduce costs and risks. Its counterbalanced or stacker mechanics make this multifunctional range of vehicles a powerful solution to transport pallets and containers with great stability.

Flexley Stack AMRs for industrial environments guarantee an automatic, safe, and flexible solution, operating in the same environment as humans and manual trucks if necessary.

Our new generation of forklift mobile robots includes a better turning radius and higher load capacity and lifting height, offering further functions.

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Discover the advantages of our AMRs and their technical features by downloading the Datasheet.
* These AMR models will be available as ABB branded products in 2023


This multifunctional range of Forklift AMRs is configurable with different masts and options.
Our wide range of unmatched AMRs is capable of transporting and storing all types of pallets, double pallets, empty pallets, containers of all sizes and trolleys.


Reception & Shipment

Load handling from reception bays to storage areas and vice versa, from the warehouse to the shipping bays on ground-level lines. Additional operations can include scanning barcodes and weighing the loads.


Line operations

Drop off & pick up on the conveyor, or at ground level, of raw materials, finished products, and WIP products. Also, empty pallet feeding and interfacing with wrappers, labelers, palletizers.


Vertical operations

Pick up and drop off from racks, automatic warehouses, stacking and de-stacking of pallets, and block storage.


Auxiliary flows

Supply of auxiliary materials, such as cardboard, plastics, collections of euro containers with non-conforming items, or waste products and transportation of empty containers.

Storage area

Ground-level lines

Line feeding

End of line handling

Pallet stacking & de-stacking

Rack storage

Collection of empty containers

Auxiliary materials delivery

Reception & Shipment

Line operations

Vertical operations

Auxiliary flows