Flexley Tug


High performance

With minimum dimensions, large capacity, and great maneuverability, our Flexley Tug range is a strong, easy, safe, and flexible solution for pulling trolleys. Validated rigorously for performance and safety, they are the 24/7 workhorses of intralogistics towing applications.

Robust & Reliable

Strong & compact: minimum dimensions and high pulling capacity


Unbeatable flexibility: able to make complex movements to optimize your operations better than ever


New features: faster, agile, ergonomic, and with a greater load capacity


Smart connectivity: Real-time information to facilitate data analysis and decision-making

Why Flexley Tug

Epitomized by its ease of use and proven performance, our AMRs enable easier optimal performance which leads to high productivity and lower operating costs in your intralogistics operations.

Our Flexley Tug robots provide an easy to install, easy to operate, and easy to maintain solution. Our new evolution 2.0 also integrates SLAM navigation technologies, faster charging systems and increased load capacity.

ABB_Flexley-Tug_AMR_T701M_perspective 1


Discover the advantages of our AMRs and their technical features by downloading the Datasheet.
* These AMR models will be available as ABB branded products in 2023


The ideal towing solution for logistics and manufacturing flows. With a great load capacity and reduced dimensions, our foolproof range of Flexley Tug vehicles can adapt to a wide variety of load carriers, such as different wheeled trolleys and containers.


Assembly & subassembly

Flexible production lines to facilitate the addition and removal of stations and smooth adaptation to changes.



Preparation of kits of related items that are supplied to the production line at the same time. Faster manufacturing or picking processes.


Robot cells

Bidirectional communication with robot cells for safe operations and precise transportation. Collaborative solution for production processes.


Milk run

Logistic trains that transport several loads at the same time over long distances. Our AMR T801 and AMR T901 are able to overcome slopes.


Horizontal transport

Transportation of loads with precise, automatic and safe loading and unloading of the goods by means of conveyors.

Subassembly process

New stations added

Full container delivery

Empty container collection

Safe muting for entry and exit

Precision transportation

Logistics train transport

Unloading station

Full pallets delivery

Empty pallets transfer

Assembly & subassembly


Robot cells

Milk run

Horizontal transport