Industry 4.0

Experts in industrial processes, connectivity, and customer support

We supply one of Industry 4.0’s key technologies by designing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining connected products. We offer connectivity and integration services with users, predictive maintenance, and performance analysis with in-depth knowledge of plant performance, making multi-site comparisons, analyzing applications based on shifts...

Our mobile robots are not only the company's transportation system, moving goods from one place to another, but they are also its “nervous system” due to the information they transmit, collect, and move. All our mobile robots have an on-board PC and several sensors – they are like a walking loT chip, constantly collecting information.

Safety systems

At ABB Robotics, people come first

Autonomous mobile robots are collaborative robots that move safely within industrial environments, coexisting with humans and manual trucks. At ABB Robotics, people come first, and so we ensure that all our products meet the strictest safety regulations.


Our AMRs are fully safety-equipped:

  • Photocells and bumpers
  • Fork tip sensors
  • Warning Systems
  • Load Sensors
  • Safety PLCs
  • Safety laser Scanners
  • Emergency Stop Buttons


ABB’s AMRs comply with ISO 3691-4

Industrial trucks - Safety requirements and verification. Part 4: Driverless industrial trucks and their systems.

Safety systems 1_EN_20220712_ms

Battery and charging systems

Our full range of energy systems

Providing an efficient charging strategy and powerful batteries to ensure the autonomy our AMRs need to operate.




Best price/performance ratio.


High durability, free maintenance, no memory effect, suitable for fast charges


Charging systems

AMR software systems

AMR Fleet Manager

Move your AMRs at the pace of your facility with our software solutions

ABB’s AMR software systems allow us to connect our vehicle fleets to your systems and ensure a seamless integration between our vehicles and your plant.

Our AMR software system is divided into different modules, which are each responsible for different tasks. Our Fleet Management System (FMS) is responsible for the connection with your enterprise management system and managing the orders to be carried out by our AMRs in the most efficient way. It also manages traffic rules, priorities and the interaction with all plant elements, ensuring a smooth workflow and maximum performance of our system. Additionally, our traceability manager keeps track of all events, anomalies, orders and signals to enable you to make informed decisions about the AMR system.

ABB_AMR-P204Q_perspective_HighPosition 1

AMR Fleet Manager:  Responsible for collecting all orders and translating them into movements that the AMRs must perform.

  • Technology: Server- or PLC-based to better adapt to your plant’s needs.
  • Transparency: Seamlessly integrate your enterprise software with your new AMR system following our pre-defined interfaces. Additionally, allow your plant operators to interact with the AMR system using our web-based and tablet-based user interfaces.
  • Connectivity: Optimize your internal automatization and logistics needs by taking advantage of our bidirectional communication with the peripheral devices in your plant.
  • Traceability: Make more informed decisions about your AMR system thanks to all data being captured and made available to you. Secure full control over all movements and events happening on your shop floor.
Software system_EN_20220808_ms

Monitoring system

Live web-based visualization of the AMR system. Together with events, anomalies, orders and signals, it allows customers to have full control of what is happening on the shop floor. With this data, the performance of the system can be monitored and any deviations can be quickly detected.

  • Live feedback: Continuous information on what is happening in the plant at all times: from AMR movements to possible anomalies or events.

  • Data first: Data-driven decision-making through KPI dashboards that help our customers track performance and make informed maintenance choices.
  • Easy to use: Graphic User Interface which is designed in a user-centered approach, making it easy to use for anyone with basic knowledge of AMRs.

  • Flexibility: Different functionalities which adapt to your needs: from basic visualization to an advanced plan with FMS (Fleet Management System) interactions.
Monitoring system_EN_20220808_ms v2